Friday, May 27, 2011

Long time no Post

Wow, I just noticed it was January the last time I posted on my blog. Since the last post, the garlic bulbs arrived , 4 packages of 3 instead of 4 heads, so I now have more seed garlic than I know what to do with, and portions of it have been planted in neat rows in my flower bed. Some are coming up lovely, some are not doing anything. Steady watering seems to be the key.

At work, people seem desperate to get divorced, and nothing seems to be letting up for summer. We will see how long this can go on. Eventually nobody will be left married.

Jenn is continuing school, a few bumps here and there, but we are hopeful they will get smoothed out in the next few weeks.

Apart from garlic, there don't seem to be any projects or hobbies happening. Just commute, work, commute, cook, dishes, tv, bed. Dull, I know.

Dull. Probably why I haven't posted lately.

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