Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Confirming my desire to move back to Edmonton

Last night, rather than going home to Spruce Grove, Jenn and I both stayed over at her parents' house in Edmonton. Rather than 50 minutes, the commute to 15 minutes each way, adding slightly over an hour to my day, and reducing my heavy-traffic driving by over an hour.

The result was that I felt much less exhausted both getting home from work and arriving the next morning. I also felt much less hurried when leaving.

All this does is confirm to me that as soon as it is practical, I really need to move back to Edmonton, particularly somewhere fairly central, rather than the far-flung suburbs. Oh boy would I like to gain five and a half hours a week back in my life, spend less on gas, oil and windshields, and be less worn out when I do get home.

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