Saturday, January 17, 2009

Beer Stuff toady

Today, with a visit from Nick the Mighty Brewer, we racked the lager we made last wek, a german pilsner, and started an American Amber ale (10B).

That's about it.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


F-4 pounds.  That was the verdict when I woke up this morning, notwithstanding the fact that I blew my diet badly on Friday with a trip to Shan-E-Punjab (I think that's what it's called) located in a converted Arby's in Mill Woods.  Mmmmm, Butter Chicken.

Also this weekend Nick the mighty brewer came by and we cooked up a batch of German Pilsner, our first stab at a lager, since Saturday was the first day in about two months where we could stand to be on the deck for any amount of time.  It seemed to go well.

This weekend was not long enough.  I think I slept through most of it.  I am not impressed to be going back to work on Monday.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Day 1: F - 0

Well, after an indulgent holiday season, which followed close on the heels of a generally indulgent year, food wise, I stepped up on the scale today and decided that I have let myself go completely to seed.  I have let myself get fat.  My clothes still fit, after a fashion, but I am a long way from my best weight.  Here I am, fat.  How much do I weigh?  Unimportant.  I am assigning my weight the variable "F" (as in 'Fat').  

My goal?  F-25 pounds by July 30, 2009.

How to do it?

I am going back to the formula that worked for me so well the last time - STOP EATING SO MUCH CRAP!  I might even try the other option open which is, of course - GET OFF YOUR DUFF!

Wish me luck people, and remember that your constant ridicule when I publicly fail (as I will be tracking this) is vital to my progress.