Wednesday, January 31, 2007


A while ago, we decided as a collective that we needed rent a very fast car with no top and get the hell out of Spruce Grove for at least 48 hours. Instead, we went out for lunch. I think that that was the best decision we could have made under the circumstances. We went to Annie's, which is the sort of place where the two most popular items on the menu are a Monte Christo and Chinese combo #1.

We did both.

Call me a sucker but time and again I go for the combo #1 at every "Chinese & Western" place I go to. Inevitably it is fried rice with chop suey and chicken balls. Annie's was pretty good. Not dough-y or tasting of bleach like that at the Rainbow Palace.

Next time, though, I might break down and get a sandwitch, because that is what 99% of the people were getting, and they looked good. Live and learn.

Cheap and lots and not too terrible. three pints of beer, but a pretty generic brand. Maybe Brewhouse Pilsner from Saskatchewan.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sweet Pictures

Hey, check out the photo link on the side of the page for sweet pictures of our new house (in June).

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Big Giant News

So Jenn and I just bought a house. Those who want details ought to e-mail us. Like hell we'd post our address on the internet.

Monday, January 01, 2007

We're back

After spending the last couple of weeks having a fabulous time with our respective families, last night we were able to just go out to the pub, watch the game, go home, and go to bed in our own bed. I stayed up until 12:01, just to ring in the new year.

For Christmas, we got some terrific swag. My favorite was my new cookbooks of all descriptions, especially the French Laundry and Buchon cookbooks, which are beautiful.

We took the cats with us to Calgary when we went, and they seemed to eventually enjoy it, but they were so happy to be home that it was clear that they are not traveling cats.

That is all for my disjointed blog entry. Ta.