Wednesday, May 30, 2007

So my little orange cat is sitting with me.

Koda has been very good lately. Very attentive, very loving. I think that this is because he understands English and knows that he will be getting locked in the basement overnight at the new house. The last thing a person needs for a good night's sleep is to be annoyed by a 1/4 Domestic Shorthair 1/4 Maine Coon 1/4 Cougar 1/4 Siberian Albino Tiger.

the joy of U-haul

We need to be out of our apartment by Noon tomorrow.

U-haul called today and told us that we can have a truck, ready to pick up at noon tomorrow.

You do the math.

Furthermore, PC financial is slow slow slow, and we can't get keys released until we have our cash to close out of them, and they take their sweet time to get the bank draft out.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Crunch time

You know all those things that you hate about moving? Like how you do your spring cleaning because you have to, but you'll never have a chance to enjoy it because as soon as everything is clean you move into a new place that you have to clean again because who knows what kind of job the last people did cleaning up when they moved out and you don't want their evil germs infecting you with some horrible disease even though you already have a sinus infection that you got from all the dust and oven cleaner from cleaning your apartment for the first time in months because you knew you would be moving out and you would be cleaning anyway so you didn't bother to dust for a really long time and by the time you get to it it's really bad and you thought the stove was almond not white because it was so long since you cleaned it you didn't realize how bad it was?


That's what's up with us.

Plus the boxes. We have lots of boxes stacked up and my kitchen is disassembled and I can't cook. Pretty soon everything will be put away and we will be down to living in a little nest amidst boxes and asking each other questions like, "Have you seen the remote?" or "Have you seen the kleenex?" or "Which box are the cats in?"

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Anteater to Zebra

This past weekend, Jenn and I drove down to Calgary to get away from the boxes and to see the new Anteater at the Calgary Zoo. Actually it was mostly to visit with family, because we probably won't get down to C-town again for a while after we take possession of the new house (9 more sleeps).

When we got back, we thought about cleaning, but went to bed early instead. Then last night, I bottled my "Big Brew" beers so that I won't have to move two full carboys. (I also might have beer to serve people when they help us move, I'll have to make sure that that box is the first to get off the truck and into the fridge.)

Speaking of helping us move, if you plan on doing so, kindly give us a toodle via e-mail and or facebook and or blogger to let us know how many we will need to BBQ/Pizza/whatever for.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Post # 150

At this milestone post, Jenn and Owen find themselves in a very different situation than they did when they first started to embrace the lifestyle online. Before they were poor students living in a fleabag apartment. Now, they are poor young professionals living in a fleabag apartment, but soon to move into a non-fleabag half-duplex. Since beginning this blog, they have been to the hospital several times for various reasons, celebrated birthdays, bought another cat, met new people, re-connected with old friends, traveled inside and outside the country, gotten a job, and generally sorted themselves out to a great extent.

Things are going well at the lifestyle household.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Windmill Tilt Volume 1

On Sunday, I took the easy way out on two of my 80 beers. Styles 15A and 16A, German Weizen and Belgian Witbier respectively. Both of these will be fermented from my proceeds of the "Big Brew" where the EHG gets together at the kind sufferance of the people at Alley Kat Brewing and seize their 23 hl system for a day, together with the expertise of the local brewers. I showed up a half-hour late for milling, but was there from mash in to mash-tun-cleanout. (I got volunteered to scrub the mash tun after the brewing was over, which is a bit of a sticky job requiring some elbow-grease and industrial strength cleaners.

Notwithstanding the fact that I did not have complete control over the brewing process, I learned enough on this project that I consider it appropriate to count these two beers towards my total.

three down, 77 to go.

Next up, Treewhale Housewarmer, an English style Old Ale in the style of Theakston's Old Peculiar. Style 19A. I will be brewing this monster on June 2, and I will be interested to test the limits of my equipment. Will I hit an OG of 1.070? Will I be able to brew a full 5 gallons of this beer? What will this mean for IPA and Imperial Stouts? Tune in in late June for the results of this entirely boring development.