Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Here's the update: since Monday afternoon we have done the following:

Painted the upstairs back bedroom (Royal Purple) (the one with the walk-in closet) - 4 coats - finished for paint but for a few touch-ups

Painted the upstairs bathroom (Chocolate brown) 2 coats and touch ups - finished.

Painted upstairs hallway (awesome blue - hints of black/grey) 1.5 coats (some places have two) Will need 1.5 more for a total of 3, will be finished tomorrow.

Our bedroom - one wall the colour of the hallway - will need 3.

Bought 360 LF of 3/4*3 1/2 baseboards on massive sale and moved them home in my Hyundai. It took two trips, one crushed finger, and a lot of shouting.

Still to come:

Other back bedroom - probably 3 coats.

Stairs and downstairs - 2-3 coats depending on colour.

That will be it for painting.

And then:

800 SQFT of laminate floor in the upstairs and half the downstairs.

300 SQFT ceramic tile in the Front half of the downstairs and the upstairs bathroom.

So we gots our summer planned.

Pictures to follow.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Since we aren't selling our house right away, we will be painting the house again. We'll be putting in some new floors, too, thanks to a hefty bonus rolling in. I might just be posting some pictures soonish.

Much Needed Rain

It is now impossible for me to sleep in too much on weekends, and I automatically get up at 7:20. This morning, we are getting a gentle rain that doesn't look ready to let up for a couple of hours, which hopefully will stop making this area look like a movie about the great depression in the 30s. Turns out all it takes for there to be rain is for me to water my lawn the night before.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Draft Beer Update -

Rebuilt and cleaned four kegs, picked up my gas today, hooked it all up and we have no leaks at 20# of pressure. Two beers will be ready to go in the kegs pdq, and then we will be rolling.

Ahhh, brewhouse beer kits, the joy of making beer in less than 15 minutes.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The best thing I have ever done in beermaking

I know that I talk about beer a lot on this blog, sometimes to the exclusion of interesting topics, but today I feel at liberty to jump in and brag up my latest move:

For the first time since starting to make beer 14 years ago, I will be putting it not in bottles, but in kegs. That's right, peoples, if you come over, there will be draft beer. While walking through Princess Auto's surplus section, I spotted 4 used Pepsi kegs, and quickly snapped them up. From there, it was only a short drive home to the internet where the good folks at Beer Beer and More Beer agreed, in exchange for just a few numbers read off a little plastic rectangle, to send me 4 rebuild kits, gas fittings, poppets, taps, hoses, clamps, Powdered Brewery Wash, dip tube brushes, gas regulators, and all the other little things that make those kegs come alive. Whoah, baby. Now all I need to do is find a "Free to good home" fridge and some help moving it, and I am set - blissful in the knowledge that I will never have to bottle again.