Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Going Crazy...

Well, the end of my semester is fast approaching. There are 10 days of class left for me. I have a whole bunch of papers to do, a web-page to make and post, exams to write and a jury to play. It's going to be a pretty busy next two weeks for me, so please don't take it personally if I don't have time to talk or do anything with anyone for the next little while.

Last night I learned how to post web-pages, thanks to Drew for helping me out a bit. Unfortunately the web-page I had to post is extremely boring, unless you are taking EDIT 435. So, I won't bore you with the details, or even leave you the URL for that matter. I will soon make my own web-page and it will be much more exciting.

Well, back to the books.

Monday, November 14, 2005

We're Going To Winnipeg

We are very excited, for Christmas this year we are going to...Puerto Vallarta Mexico!, ok so not Winnipeg, hopefully... Not that there is any thing wrong with Winnipeg, don't get me wrong. So we are getting crazy excited about that. We have already started packing, as it seems we no longer need our summer clothes here in Edmonton... :( Anyhow, my last exam is on December 12, I have a ton of assignments due that day as well and on December 13 we board the plane and fly to paradise! I plan to spend most of our week away on the beach and playing with the pretty tropical warm water fishies. Ok, I am pretty excited.

Auntie Carrie will be looking after the kitties while we are gone, thanks Auntie Carrie :)

We are totally looking forward to lying on the beach drinking various Mexican cocktails.

In other news, I got a wicked awsome mark on my music history mid-term, I got and A, Woot woot, go me! ;)

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Our Christmas Wish List

Well, we have decided the easiest way for us to let everyone who wants to know what we want or need for christmas, would be to put our wish list here. So here it goes.

Jenn and Owen's Christmas Wish List:
-Cookie Sheets (We have NONE!)(Costco has some really nice ones)
-Cookie Cutters
-Gourmet Cooking Things, ie. fancy salts or spices or cooking things that are a little more precious than ordinary. (Please not organic fresh vegetables though...)
-Gift Certificates, some ideas are HBC, Linens'n'Things, Home Sense, Chapters, Campers Village, Canadian Tire, Suzy Sheir, Blue Notes/Thrifty's, Various Restaurants, Spa's or Salons, Costco (if they do gift certificates?).
-We both have Wishlists as well. Look Jenn up with her previous last name though if you are going to do that. (We would really love to have the season 3 set of that 70's show.)

*Our Wedding Registries are all still available and have things left on them that we still need or would like.
The Bay and Home Outfitters
Canadian Tire
Use Owen's name to look us up, it's much easier than looking up Jenn.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Mmmmm... Curry

I recently completed my 4 book set of cookbooks with this one And boy, was the Channa Masala tasty. I'm on a bit of a curry kick right now, and have been accumulating various ingredients. It helps that I already had a pretty full spice cupboard, and that Indian cooking isn't really all that expensive to start with. I already had a couple of other cookbooks, which I recommend.

Jenn can't quite manage the spice level yet due to her stomach trouble, but I enjoyed a supper of Channa Massala, Raita, Roti (homemade) and some mixed pickles that I got at the little grocery by H&W Produce. Today on the way home from dropping Jenn off at school, I stopped and picked up a few more items I wanted, like small packages of different lentils, and some small packages of spices and some pickles. I rather like the small Indian groceries, because the little Indian ladies are always eager to help a big ignorant Caucasian galoot like me with my selection of spices, pickles, vegetables, and whatnot.

Tonight's special may well include Bhindi Bahji and Saag Paneer (homemade paneer, too, which is easier than making your own yoghurt)

Thursday, November 03, 2005

And His Name Shall Be...

Well our new baby now has a name. We have named him Koda. His full name is Koda Bear, but Koda will do fine. He is very needy and seems to miss his litter mates so I now must go and keep him company. He is very affectionate and never stops purring. We quite like him.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A New Addition to Our Little Family

After finding out Mandy is healthy we decided it was time to bring her home a new playmate as she has been a bit lonely since her brother died. Our new little guy still doesn't have a name as of right now but he is quite a little charmer with his diesel engine purr.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Oh, Yeah, this too.

As a special bonus, I have been awarded the Alberta Law Foundation Scholarship in Constitutional Law. This takes the sting out of student loans somewhat, and gives me something to put on my CV under "Major Awards" which is nice.

Feline Leukemia... not infecting Mandolin the Cat. She can expect to live as long as it takes her to choke to death on whatever it is that she finally tries to eat and fails.