Thursday, January 26, 2006

An unexpected e-mail

Today, Jenn got an e-mail from a wedding planning website telling us we have been married for 180 days. We are therefore going to celebrate our 6monthaversary on the Lunar New Year, which is also when we got engaged. Kind of groovy.

For those of you wondering what you should get us as a 6monthaversary present, I would suggest the following. Since Koda is fast on his way from kitten to cat, we have decided that he needs to stay small and cute. You can send us supplies from here so that we can keep him small and cute.

See you all at new year's, Kung hei fat choi!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Sick in the Salt Mines

Is how you might describe us. Sorry about not updating for a few weeks here, but there has not been much to report on our end of things. Jenn has been sick with a persistent little bug for about a week, and I am settling into my writing groove again, hopefully getting closer to finished every day.

Just a few updates are in order, Our kitties are both healthy and happy, and Koda is getting less destructive and more cuddly every day, which is a blessing. We can now let the cats sleep in our room again without being attacked at two hour intervals by Koda.

I am registered in the LESA Mediation of Divorce and Separation seminar in February, which I am looking forward to. I have been looking at taking this course for the last couple of years, but now the timing just works great, and I have had a recommendation from a friend regarding the course itself. More updates on that as they are available.

Our next big event will be the Chinese New Year's dinner for 12 we will be serving on the 28th (early, we know). Here's the tentative menu:

Spring Rolls
Ginger Beef
Pineapple Chicken
Hoisin Pork Shreds
Broccoli and Snow Peas with Black Bean Sauce
Green Onion Cakes
Fried Rice
BBQ Pork Buns

I know that many of you will be disappointed that you don't get any, but in order to ensure fairness, we will be selling tickets for the next one.

And finally, To our Friend Suz, pppppppbbbbbbbbbbttttttttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

There. We updated the blog!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Back to Normal, Whatever That Means

Well, the holidays have officially come to a close for us now, which I guess is alright. Our holidays were filled with much activity and excitement. Our holiday in Mexico was wonderful, there are pictures below. We also spent a week in Calgary with Owen's family, which was very busy.

School officially started again yesterday and I am already feeling like there is much to do. My course load is much lighter than it ever has been, but there still seems to be a lot of work to get through. After this semester I have two semesters of practicum and then I graduate! Yeah! Finally!

The first week of April I will be having a flute recital and all are welcomed to attend.